Safe travel in a dictatorship country

Many countries have amazing beaches and monuments you could only dream of seeing. Despite all the wonderful monuments and wildlife, there are countries that people will not visit out of fear. Countries that are under a dictatorship rule and limit the rights of the visitors as well as the citizens. People have been imprisoned in the past for something as minute as their sexuality. We have compiled a list of countries that can be visited under a dictatorship and tips that will help you enjoy the country without having to encounter their law enforcement.


North Korea

This country is run by a totalitarian dictatorship under Kim Jon-un. The country just recently opened its doors to tourists but minders must accompany them when they travel to certain areas such as some beaches. Even the smallest crimes can result in harsh punishment. Recently, a tourist from the United States was punished with fifteen years in prison after confessing that he stole a banner from a local hotel to bring home as a trophy. He was charged with hard labor for crimes against North Korea. There are many things in Korea that cannot be photographed. This includes, but is not limited to: construction sites and people in public without their permission. Visitors must also know that it is unlawful to take pictures of statutes and bow instead in order to show respect.



Cuba is one of the most popular countries to visit as of late. It is preparing itself for a hoard of tourists from the United States as the borders have reopened after several years of being closed. Cuba is known for its beautiful beaches and all-inclusive resorts. Vacationers are instructed to avoid demonstrations and avoid military zones. Foreigners should be extra careful when taking pictures because there are some illegal photography spots that are not otherwise marked. While homosexuality is legal in Cuba, a public display of affection is a way to get unwanted attention from the police.



British people visit Thailand every year. This country has been controlled by a military dictatorship since the middle of 2014. Visitors need to refrain from making statements that could be misconstrued as political. It is also unlawful to make any comments against the King and members of the monarch. This could lead to up to 15 years in jail. Possession of drugs can lead to time in prison while drug trafficking can be punishable by death.



China is run by a civilian dictatorship. It is rare that visitors get in trouble with the law but it has happened. However, this is not to say that problems do not occur. Authorities in China have been known to run random drug testing on foreign nationals and prosecute those who test positive. The punishment can be as severe as the death penalty. While China is open to foreign visitors, there are political and cultural sensitivities that should be addressed. One of the biggest issues is that tourists should never film or photograph people who are protesting or calling for independence.

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Travel tips with children

In the cold, winter months, it is normal to fantasize about escaping to warmer weather. Spring break is almost two weeks away. I am two hours away from my family via plane. In my experience I have been able to compile a list of tips that will make traveling with children easier. These tips, along with patience, will help ensure a pleasant trip for your children as well as nearby passengers.

Take early flights when at all possible

This can reduce delays caused by Mother Nature but does not necessarily eliminate them. Sometimes a flight may be coming in from an overnight trip and need special care and extra cleaning. This also means that you may be able to arrive to the intended location without spending an entire day in the airport. You will be able to get more done and extend the length of your vacation. At the end of the day, that is what matters, right?

Allow for extra time at the airport

This may be hard to adapt to if you are used to arriving to places right on time. However, life with children requires more time to get them ready and adjusted. I recommend adding additional time for a small meal and getting through security. Airports have a tendency to be quite predictable. You never know what is going to happen. It could be as wild as an evacuation for an unattended bag.

Car seats are encouraged for children younger than 2 years old

Airplanes can experience high turbulence and children have a tendency to move a lot. A car seat will help assure that your child has a safer flight to your destination.

Do not rely on rental companies to provide a car seat for the car

It is common for people who rent a car to rent it for more than a few days. This can be quite costly when adding the rental of a car seat in addition to the car. Car seat rental can cost up to $15 per day and this adds up quickly. When toddlers are traveling with you, it makes sense to bring the car seat anyway because it can often be safer than the one you rent.

Sit near your children when at all possible

This is not always possible but can be complete often when your seats are booked online. However, it is not always possible and you may need to call in the airport in advance and explain the situation. There is no guarantee that they will be able to help you but it is always worth the attempt.

Sit close to the bathroom if possible

Children are famous for not going to the bathroom until the very last minute. With other passengers using the bathroom they may need to wait a while before being able to use the bathroom.